Planning for the Future

We hosted an informational seminar here at Ascend Services the last week in September. Our speakers covered topics that included aging and planning for the future. As I listened to each of the speakers, I looked around at the audience which included many parents. My mind started to drift as I wondered how those parents were feeling at that moment. Were they filled with worry? Dread? As my sister’s Guardian, I have laid awake at night worrying about her future if I should die first. Just as parents worry, siblings left in charge, also worry who will take their place as an advocate, ensuring all needs are met, when they are gone.

We all gain great peace of mind if we take the time to plan for the future proactively while we still have good health, time and energy to do so. Planning is more than just having a will and perhaps a special needs trust in place. It is working with the agencies within the community to ensure that proper supports are in place. I simply wish to acknowledge the fact that each of you as parents supported your child, advocated for your child, and loved your child into adulthood.

There are probably days you are simply exhausted. You may be scared. Taking the next step is a lot to think about. But worrying about the future won’t help you or your child. Embracing the challenge of planning for the future will. We, at Ascend Services, wish to be seen as a resource for parents and families to turn to when needed.