Seasons of Change

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE summer. I love, love, love it with a roaring passion. So it’s extremely hard for me to let go of summer with its long sunny days. However, there is a part of me that is willing to admit that I also have a fondness for the other seasons.

With autumn approaching, you step outside and the air feels crisp. I appreciate autumn for all of its wonders. It’s the simple things like the changing color of leaves. Trees that were once green explode into beautiful hues of gold, red and orange. Who can resist the feeling you get when walking through the crisp leaves on warm autumn days. I can’t deny the fact that I adore the smell of outdoor campfires, drinking pumpkin lattes, and enjoying a caramel apple or a piece of pumpkin pie in the fall. There is something about the change of season that signals a fresh start. I always find myself the most motivated, eager to work and start new projects when the seasons change.

I think it’s the idea of something coming to an end. I equate it to how we feel when we come to the end of another day. We know that tomorrow is a brand new day – we can wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It comes with new possibilities, new goals and things to look forward to and focus on. A new dynamic begins as people are gearing up for colder weather. It’s a new season with new goals and new things to focus on. So, please enjoy a fresh start, set some goals and be sure to get out and enjoy the beauty of autumn! Goodbye Summer!