Jim's Story

Jim started working at Holiday House on January 15, 2014.  Jim has been cleaning at the Rest Area for the past few years and does a great job!  Recently we held his staffing at the Rest Area.  His brother and sister-in-law were able to tour part of the facility.  Jim was proud to show them where he works and what he does.  Great job, Jim!

Shannon's Story

Shannon recently had his first day at Classic Coatings, one of our Mobile Work Crew partnerships. Shannon is 19 years old and has never worked in the community. He also recently graduated from CREATE, learning about the job skills that he would need in the community. Shannon learned a lot about what the job would be like, but was nervous for his first day and was eager to learn. Shannon did an amazing job! He was volunteering to try other jobs, completed all his work and asked for more! This is truly a success story for Shannon! Great Work Shannon!

Andrew's Story

Andrew started his career at Holiday House in July of 2012.  Andrew is an amazing worker who takes a lot of pride in his job.  Quality is extremely important to Andrew so he always makes sure the job is done correctly.  Andrew participates in prevocational services.  He is assigned to Plant II where he assembles wooden hose reels, as well as parts for Kohler.  He also cleans the MRF, the seasonal waysides, and I-43 rest area.  One of Andrew’s goals is to get a job in the community.  He is currently working with Ascend Services’ Employment Services program and is starting to put a resume together.  He is anxious to shadow a variety of businesses to learn which job suites him best.

Donald's Story

Donald (Donnie) has been a fixture at Ascend Services for over 40 years. He has done a lot in his busy life. Working, enjoying leisure activities and traveling all over the USA. Also in his golden years he is truly enjoying his retirement from working out in the community. He worked at a local Pizza place and as a productive participant in the housekeeping here at Ascend.  Donnie has had a hard time truly relaxing at times now that he is retiring; but he has proven to staff that he is fully embracing this journey in his long commitment to being a member here at Ascend in the Day Services program.

Lori's Story

Lori is a very friendly lady that enjoys playing games with her friends. She is working on communicating her needs and wants while attending the Day Services program a few days each week. She works in the Prevocational program as well and has proven to be a flexible worker. Lori loves to share and be around her co-workers. She demonstrates this by seeking out table activities and asking others to join her and the staff to enjoy the leisure time. When Lori wants to share, she talks directly to the person and demonstrates good role modeling behaviors such as waiting her turn (taking turns) and working as a team with her co-workers.

Brad's Story

Brad has been working full time and utilizing the support staff to help him reach his goal of being a healthy man. His love of sports and socializing with others is seen by his dedication to utilize the local YMCA. He works out three mornings a week with a support leader; they play basketball, pickle ball, climb stairs and enjoy all the fun activities the YMCA has to offer. He is showing the Day Service staff that he too can be a productive member in the building by helping out with daily chores and doing his best to be a good friend to his co-workers.

Christal's Story

Christal started at Ascend Services Inc just over a year ago in our day service program. After attending day service full time for about a year had shown a lot of growth and improvements and so expressed interest in learning work skills in our prevocational services program. She currently attends two full days in prevoc and three full days at day services. She is a very caring and loving individual who takes a lot of pride in doing the right thing and helping her peers as much as she can with whatever she can. She is a joy to be around and she brings so many new talents to our programs.

Luke's Story

Luke started out working at Holiday House in 2011, he then got a job at the YMCA two days per week while working with the Employment Services Team in 2015.  In 2018 Luke sought out the Employment Services team again for additional work and he got hired at McDonald’s on Calumet Ave. Within a short time he has excelled exceptionally, taking on extra shifts whenever needed, covering for vacations and leaves of absences.  Luke is really gaining the self- confidence that he lacked before working at McDonald’s. 

Ralph's Story

Ralph has been with Ascend Services since 1989. Throughout the years Ralph has been employed through a variety of community jobs. In May of 2014 Ralph was hired on at McDonalds where he cleans, occasionally helps bring food out to customer cars (which he loves!) and has created lasting relationships with staff and regulars. Ralph continues to excel in his job and is always an encouraging and positive addition to his work team – usually bringing everyone a smile showing off his amazing collection of funky socks!

Amber's Story

Amber is an excellent worker who looks forward to working at Burger King.  Amber wipes down tables, clears trays, cleans bathrooms and so much more!  Amber is the reason that Burger King in Kernersville is so clean!  Thank you Amber for providing us with a clean place to eat!